Open Letter from McMillan & Life


July 25, 2011


We are excited to share that our group and ministry direction will both be undergoing some big changes in the near future. As of June, McMillan & Life will begin limiting trio dates as well as national touring schedule. This is partially to allow for the expansion of a speaking and mini conference schedule, as well as our new roles with the Breakfast Club of Florida.


As a group, we have always tried to approach ministry with openness and honesty. This has often included Jimmy's speaking on tough subjects like depression, domestic violence, addiction and more. Many times this opens doors for moments of very personal prayer and counseling with seemingly never enough time to spend with hurting people. As a result of this, we have felt led to begin devoting a portion of travel schedule to a series of concerts and mini conferences that will allow for more intimate ministry. As part of these events, we will be providing music as a couple. This format seems to be a better fit the ministry opportunities.


Another transition will be our new roles with the Breakfast Club. Many of you will recognize Liz's father, Dave Edwards, as the founder and director of this ministry to active adults. In May of this year, we stepped along side Dad to help with direction and management duties including promotions, advertising and all scheduling of events and artists and more. This move has been on our hearts for a very long time and God has made it very clear that now in the time for us to take this step.


The Breakfast Club began over twenty years ago and has seen nearly three thousand senior adults come to know the Christ as their Savior. Dad says “Irma and I are thrilled to have Liz and Jimmy on board with us. While this is not something we ever imagined would happen, it is a great help and blessing for us. We are really excited at the ideas and new energy they bring to the table and look forward to seeing the Breakfast Club move forward and grow.”


We want to be very clear that McMillan & Life will continue to record, release songs to radio and minister as a group. The major portion of our touring schedule will be in the months of April through June with limited select dates throughout the rest of the year. Please be sure to watch and see when we will be in your area, we would never want to miss an opportunity to see each of you.


You can follow the schedule for each facet of our ministry at Each date will be notated as to what kind it is. (Group, duo, conference etc) There is also a link to the Breakfast Club's web site so you can get information on our programs and see what God is doing there.


In closing, we want to thank everyone for their love and support of McMillan & Life over the last four years. Whether it was financial support, prayers, or a word of encouragement at just the right moment, we know that it is your under girding that has carried our ministry to where we are today. We thank each and every one of you and covet every prayer as we make these transitions.



Liz McMillan injured in traffic accident


April 24, 2011


Praise the Lord we have the greatest of reasons for celebration on this day! Easter, resurrection Sunday, the third day, however you put it JESUS IS RISEN! So many people look at this day as a holiday, for us it is the entire reason for all we do. Today is the day that gave us the message of new and eternal life because Christ conquered death, hell and the grave. Between the ham, bunnies and chocolate, lets STOP and give more thanks than ever before for the greatest gift ever given, SALVATION!


And now a word from our sponsor...........


Liz is making progress, gaining mobility a little at a time. She is still dealing with a great deal of pain and we are not sure when to expect relief for that. Liz will be going to the orthopedist again tomorrow and we are hoping for some answers and possible time frames for recovery. Overall she is in good spirits but good news on Monday would sure help keep them up.


We are still in the “processing” mode with our insurance company. You have to love the fact that no matter how many i's you dot or t's you cross, big business will always find some loophole in their favor. Not to complain, just “sharing.” :) Please pray with us that we will be able to resolve all of these issues and get on with the business of ministry.


We would like to thank everyone who has shown us so much love and support in the middle of the storm we are facing. The outpouring has been an incredible chance for us to see the hearts of our friends and family in the Lord. I have shared so many times in services that God shows up on time, in his time, every time. Still, here we are again standing in awe of His provision.


In the last few days we have received numerous calls and emails from people asking what our needs are right now and how they could make a financial contribution. To make this process easier, we have placed a designated donation button on our home page.


April 16, 2011


It appears our truck is a total loss, and since we are a one vehicle family we suddenly find ourselves with an urgent need for another vehicle. While economy is important these days, we find it necessary to keep a vehicle large enough for us and our equipment in the event of an emergency.


If you know of a vehicle that you think might work for us, please let us know. We appreciate your help.


April 15


We want to thank everyone for your prayers, emails and phone calls of concern and support. It's been a tough week here but God is faithful and proved Himself once again today.


Liz saw an orthopedist today and the news was all good. The damage in her leg is confined to her broken kneecap. It is a huge relief to know there will not be any kind of surgery in the future. She will have to be in a brace and on crutches for a minimum of four to six weeks. For the time being the pain has her very limited in her mobility, for me that means lots of trips up and down the stair. Who knew a car accident could turn into a word from the Lord telling me to get more exercise? PTL anyway.

April 13


Liz McMillan of McMillan & Life was involved in a four-car accident on Tuesday, April 12, at approximately 2:30 pm. She was taken to Stonecrest Medical Center in Smyrna TN, where she was treated for a fractured knee cap and released. She will be undergoing further testing to determine the extent of the interior damage to her leg.


Miraculously, no serious injuries were reported, and only one other person was transported for treatment.


“I just thank God for His protection,” says Jimmy McMillan, “and somehow I know this is all part of His plan. Not sure how, but I’m sure it is.” The group would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers.